Scottish Rite




Credentials and Reception

Knights of St. Andrew, Chairman

Class Registrars and Office Assistants

John J. Costello

Class Supervisors

Robert F. Buck, MSA, 33°, Chairman
Gregory W. Giedeman, MSA

Kitchen Committee

Frank E. Martinez, MSA, 33°, Chairman Emeritus
Larry Wolsfelt, Chairman
Davis A. Haas
John H. Lowe, Jr., MSA
Larry W. Stammer
Todd Halt
Tom Wade


Gary Buckrod, MSA, Chairman
Stuart Eberle
David Hutt


Director of Degrees, Chairman

Sound and Lighting

Carrol R. Sinks, Jr., MSA, 33°, Chairman
Joshua P. Franklin
Kevin Roe

Floor Settings

Steve Kraus, MSA, 33°, Chairman Emeritus
Dwight S. Gheradini, Chairman
Gregory Aitken
Dwight E. Bretsch
Ralph E. Bowen
Robert J. Caraway, 33°
Michael C. Johnson
Michael R. Koeneman
Gary A. Popp, 33°
H. Ed Scott

Character Make-up

Charles G. Kurrus, III, 33°, Chairman Emeritus
Brian Brown, MSA, Chairman


Tad Pierson
Dan Mullen

Merchandise Sales

Knights of Saint Andrew, Chairman

Upcoming Events

There are no upcoming events at this time.

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