Valley Board of Directors

2020-2021 – Jeffery L. Edwards, MSA, Commander in Chief (President)
2020-2021 – Charles E. Hileman, Jr., MSA, 33°, Thrice Potent Master
2020-2021 – Brian K. Coppotelli, MSA , Sovereign Prince
(Vice President)
2020-2021 – Allen L. Houston, MSA, Most Wise Master
2021 – Auston E. Smith, MSA, At Large Member
2022 – Marvin (Chip) L. Darling, II, At Large Member
2023 – Henry A. Haisch, 33°, At Large Member

Non Voting Members

Grant O. Koentz, 33°, Treasurer
Mark P. Maxwell, MSA, 33°, Executive Secretary
J. Randy Patchett, Legal Counsel
Randall R. Milone, 33°, Active
Joseph A. Diliberto, 33°, Deputy Rep

Mississippi Valley Consistory

Jeffery L. Edwards, MSA, Commander in Chief
Jeffery A. Berry, MSA, 1st Lt. Commander
Gregory W. Giedeman, MSA, 2nd Lt. Commander
Brian K. Coppotelli, MSA, Orator
Henry A. Haisch, 33°, Chancellor

St. Clair Lodge of Perfection

Charles E. Hileman, Jr., MSA, 33, Thrice Potent Master
Carroll R. Sinks, Jr., MSA, 33°, Deputy Master
Thomas J. Martindale, Senior Warden
Larry E. Wolsfelt, Junior Warden
Joel A. Richardson, Orator

Cahokia Council Princes of Jerusalem

Brian K. Coppotelli, MSA, Sovereign Prince
Daniel L. Wilson, II, High Priest
Billy J. McIntyre, Senior Warden
Gary W. Jascur, Junior Warden
Stuart T. Eberle, MSA, Master of Ceremonies

John M. Pearson Chapter of Rose Croix

Allen L. Holston, MSA, Most Wise Master
Marvin L. Darling, II, Senior Warden
Mark E. Koehne, Junior Warden
Gregory P. Seper, Orator
Michael McIntyre, Master of Ceremonies

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