Board of Directors

2018-2019 – Michael J. Fitzpatrick, MSA, 33°, Commander in Chief
2018-2019 – Jeffery A. Berry, MSA, Thrice Potent Master
2018-2019- Henry A. Haisch, Jr., Sovereign Prince
2018-2019 – Gregory Giedeman, MSA, Most Wise Master
2019 – , At Large Member
2020 – Brian K. Coppotelli, MSA, At Large Member
2021 – Auston E. Smith, At Large Member

Non Voting Members

Grant O. Koentz, 33°, Treasurer
Mark P. Maxwell, MSA, 33°, Executive Secretary
J. Randy Patchett, Legal Counsel
Randall R. Milone, 33°, Active
Joseph A. Diliberto, 33°, Deputy Rep

St. Clair Lodge of Perfection

Jeffery A. Berry, MSA, Thrice Potent Master
Douglas S. Jameson, Deputy Master
Charles E. Hileman, Jr., MSA, 33°, Senior Warden
Steven L. Imel, MSA, Junior Warden
Carroll R. Sinks, Jr., MSA, 33° Orator

Cahokia Council Princes of Jerusalem

Henry A. Haisch, Jr., Sovereign Prince
Jacob W. Rose , High Priest
Brian K. Coppotelli, MSA , Senior Warden
Daniel L. Wilson, II , Junior Warden
Billy M. McIntyre, Master of Ceremonies

John M. Pearson Chapter of Rose Croix

Gregory W. Giedeman, MSA, Most Wise Master
Brian D. Brown, MSA , Senior Warden
Allen L. Holston , Junior Warden
Marvin L. Darling, II , Orator
Mark E. Koehne, Master of Ceremonies

Mississippi Valley Consistory

Michael J. Fitzpatrick, MSA, 33°, Commander in Chief
Jeffery L. Edwards, MSA , 1st Lt. Commander
William C. Brown, MSA, 33°, 2nd Lt. Commander
Jeffery A. Berry, MSA , Orator
Brian K. Coppotelli, MSA, Chancellor

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