Children’s Dyslexia Center

bear_bookThe Valley of Southern Illinois established the Children’s Dyslexia Center in 2002. The Learning Center provides free specialized training and tutoring to children with dyslexia.

Dyslexia is a neurologically based, inheritable disorder that interferes with the language acquisition and processing. It manifests itself early in life as a “reading problem” or “reversal problem”. Dyslexia is estimated to affect some 15% of the population – more than two million school age children.  It is estimated that over 15% of the school population is dyslexic, as is over 85% of adults illiterates who also suffer from this condition.

Setting Higher Standards

Our Learning Center provides highly qualified staff specially trained in the treatment of dyslexia. After professional assessment and evaluation of a student’s needs, the staff then provides customized one-on-one instruction using a variety of techniques. In addition, our Learning Center provides training for volunteers who want to tutor children with dyslexia.

You may reach the Learning Center by calling – (618) 233-1308, by emailing at or by visiting their website here.

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